Tuesday, April 16


Well, sorry everyone about that blogcation i took... I am just very busy trying to keep up with my schoolwork, and other things, and I just forget to post.

to catch up alittle bit, we got some adorable chicks ( i will post pics later) and it seems like it is way to cold to be spring. right now at 8 o'clock on april 16th it is 35 degrees! brrrr!  but it has not gotten below freezing ( that i know of...) so yay!

anyway, I need to ask a favor of whoever may have the answer.  how do you post every day?  or every other day?  I ( as you have noticed) am terrible at posting even once a week! so how do you find things to post about and what pushes you to post?  (help!)

so back to the first paragraph, I will be taking an official blogcation :) until school is over and i will have less things on my plate in june.  around the second week in june is when i will be back!

please if you do have good information about my questions please, please, please, share with me!!!

<3 kiara="">

Sunday, March 17


so it seems like spring is here; flowers are blooming, the temp is rising, and it can be beautiful and sunny in the morning and gross and raining in the afternoon of the same day. 
I have decided that spring is my favorite season.

it is the end of winter and cold, and the beginning of summer and warmth.  its that sensation of somthing good is going to happen just around the corner.

I love it